Instagram Lookbook: Back to Black

As much as I loved sporting various colours and prints while I was in Hawaii last month (check out my travel post here), the second I stepped off the plane in Toronto I fell back into my old habit of wearing a ton of black and grey. In recent weeks I've also been loving t-shirts tucked into denim, classic white sneakers and my Gucci loafers that have basically been glued to my feet! 

Recently, the weather in Toronto has also been quite unpredictable as well. One day it's sunny, humid and 30 degrees and the next day it's on the "chillier" side which has allowed me to whip out my favourite pairs of black denim. To add more character to my denim/t-shirt looks, I've been wearing my new Anderson's belt a ton! It adds just the right amount of character to a tucked-in t-shirt look and I know I'll be sporting it tons for the rest of the summer and into autumn.

Once you have a look at my outfits from Instagram below, leave me a comment at the end of the post and let me know which one is your favourite. I've also included shoppable links for each look so you can recreate these outfits yourself!

Outfit Details

Kitsune T-shirt // Andersons Belt // Rag & Bone jeans // Zara sneakers


Outfit Details

Rudsak leather cap // H&M t-shirt // Zara distressed shorts // Converse high tops

Hello, World!

Outfit Details

Rudsak leather cap // Comme Des Garçons t-shirt // Zara distressed denim // Comme Des Garçons x converse high tops


Outfit Details

H&M polo // H&M shorts // Gucci loafers

Outfit Details

H&M oversized t-shirt // Zara distressed denim // Gucci loafers // Rudsak backpack 

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