BELSTAFF Tourmaster

One of the outerwear pieces I've been wearing a lot recently is this classic navy blue jacket from Belstaff called the Tourmaster.

The Tourmaster is part of Belstaff's recent collection of cotton jackets that are coated with special wax that was developed by the brand in the 1800's. Not only does the coating add an interesting gloss to the fabric, but it also makes it waterproof. If you live in a climate where it rains or snows often, this jacket is great!

Although, the main reason why I fell in love with the Tourmaster is because of its versatility. On cold days you can layer a vest underneath with a warm sweater and a scarf, and in the spring this jacket can be worn with a basic t-shirt or even a button-down.

In collaboration with Belstaff, however the thoughts, opinions and photos are my own.

Photos captured by Lizzie O'Donnell