Shoe-Care 101: The Winter Edit

Once or twice a year, I always invest in a variety of shoe care products. I do this because all it takes is a few simple sprays or brush strokes to keep your shoes shiny and clean, but most importantly protected from rain, snow, salt and dirt. 

This season, I was lucky enough to have been sent a ton of amazing products from Walter's, a brand that has perfected the art of  crafting amazing shoe care since 1893. 

Having put a handful of their products to the test recently on the slush-covered streets of Toronto, I decided to share my top three favourites with you. 

1. Walter's Weather Guard ($11.99): If you purchase one shoe care product this winter, it has to be Walter's Weather Guard. It creates an invisible shield that protects your shoes from snow, rain, salt and dirt.

2. Walter's Leather Cleaner ($7.99): This cleaner is amazing because it can be used on synthetic or genuine leather to condition, clean and prolong the overall lifespan of your shoes. I love using this cleaner on my leather winter boots and my Gucci loafers.

3. Walter's All-Purpose Shoe Cleaner ($7.99): Last but not least is Walter's All-Purpose Shoe Cleaner. It can be used on leather, suede, fabric or nylon shoes to clean, shine and buff away stains and dirt.


Whether you spend $100 on boots at Zara or $1,500 on boots at Saint Laurent, cleaning and protecting your shoes with a great set of shoe care products is essential. Walter's products are my new favourite because they're affordable, yet super effective. 

In collaboration with Walters Shoe Care, however the thoughts, opinions and photos are my own.