Global Garçon x Hallmark: Gift Wrapping for Mother's Day


This Mother's Day I decided to switch things up and send my mom a giant bouquet of her favourite flowers, in addition to a gift box filled with a bunch of goodies from Hallmark Canada. Because I live across the country from my mom, often times it isn't easy to show my appreciation for everything she does for me. Sure, a quick phone call to wish her a Happy Mother's Day is much appreciated but it's the unexpected little surprises that really put a smile on her face. 

In terms of character and personality, my mom is quite similar in me. She loves candles, fragrances and small items that she can use on a daily basis. Ultimately she's a huge fan of things that are useful and serve a purpose. So in my gift box, I included a candle, hand cream, gorgeous bath salts and because she travels a lot, a buttery soft leather passport holder and luggage tag. The icing on top of the cake? A cute card with a personalized hand-written note.

What I'm learning as I get older, is that it's extremely important to have strong relationships with family (and friends). At the end of the day, they're your support system through the good times and the bad. If you still live with your parents, or if you're lucky enough to live close to them, tell them how much you appreciate everything they do for you. Not just on special holidays such as Mother's Day, but every chance you get. 


In collaboration with Hallmark Canada, however the thoughts, opinions and photos are my own.

Photography and styling by myself and Abhishek Dekate