You Need to Buy This Now - My Go-To Korean Skin Care Brand


My addiction with Korean beauty products stared in high school. At the time, I had severe acne and nothing seemed to work - until I found a magical product from MISSHA (the snail sleeping mask mentioned below) that I still adore to this day. Since then, I’ve purchased a dozen or so products from the brand and I have to say that each and every single one of them is fantastic in every way.

In today’s post, I thought it would be great to highlight a few of my top faves, as I know many of you are starting to switch up your skin care regimens for spring!

Super Aqua Cleansing Water Tissue

These cleansing tissues have become a staple in my skin care regimen. On those lazy nights where I can’t be bothered to wash my face, this is the product I reach for.

Each towelette is saturated with an insane amount of product and it does an incredible job of cleansing my skin, making it feel refreshed, hydrated and prepped for the rest of my skin care products.


Time Revolution - The First Treatment Essence

This is the dupe for SK-II’s iconic Facial Treatment Essence. It hydrates, improves the texture of your skin and adds a boost of antioxidants that are great for brightening and improving the overall health and appearance of the skin.

The secret ingredient in this product is fermented yeast extract from Himalayan purple barley and gemmule. These components thrive in the Himalayan mountains under extremely harsh conditions, yet continue to prosper. After going through a fermentation process they become the most fantastic anti-aging properties!

Having used this product for almost a month, it has quickly become my favourite essence of all time. It hydrates my skin to perfection and has improved the texture immensely.

Time Revolution - The First Treatment Mist

This mist is a much lighter version of The First Treatment Essence, however it contains the same components. I often spritz this mist on my face throughout the day when it feels dry, or if I just need a little boost to wake me up while I work.

If you’re looking for an unscented face mist that has fantastic skin care elements this product is great.


Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Sleeping Mask

This my friends, is my holy grail product from MISSHA. The secret ingredient that makes this sleeping mask so awesome is snail mucin. Now, many of you might be completely grossed out by this but it actually does wonders for the skin. It helps combat acne, acne scarring, redness and dull skin. Essentially it’s the fountain of youth in a tube LOL!

I apply this sleeping mask every night after I apply my moisturizer. When I wake up, my skin is noticeably brighter, smoother and any trouble spots I have are less red. If you’re looking to purchase a product as an introduction to the brand I highly recommend this sleeping mask.

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